I took Facebook off my phone yesterday and I keep having that mindless reach for my phone and realize what I’m looking for isn’t there and so I put it down again. Which just proves why I felt I needed to remove Facebook from my phone. I don’t have same “scroll for an hour” reaction when I check into Facebook on my computer so that’s good. But ugh…. I will like it when this tic realizes it won’t find what it’s looking for. I actually have to think now 😆.

It really is crazy how being connected online can make me feel so disconnected in reality. I am taking some intentional steps to simplify my inner life and simplifying my phone is just one step. But it’s helping!

Life is good, but life also feels like it’s on autopilot which I don’t like very much. I’d to be much more “on purpose” about my day to day life in general.

Some thing that have come up for me recently that have stuck in my mind and heart and I’ve been meditating on are:

– The overwhelming desire for comfort in my life… I give in to the pull of comfort rather than tolerate struggle for something I want.

– Ecclesiastes 1:18 for with much wisdom comes much sorrow, the more knowledge, the more grief.

– “you get what you tolerate”

– motivation starts with action