“Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.” ~Carl Bard

The time has come when I fully acknowledged to myself that I’ve outgrown my last blog. I had a good run on it, a little over four years, and over that time I graduated with a Master of Architecture, worked at the college for year, moved home to CA (yes, in with my parents: free rent!), broke up with my first boyfriend of almost three years, dated a second guy twice which ended both times in heartache, made visits to family and friends on the east coast, and other close states, found a part-time job at a local studio architects office, kept job searching off and on, dealt with depression, stressed about student loans and a host of other rather normal joys and problems. 🙂

I always find it interesting how over time a person can change and not change at the same time. So while I don’t want to erase or forget my past, (and accept that some of the above issues are still current!) I just believe that it’s time to move to a new space rather than continue to write where the massive archive of events and thoughts was starting to feel more like baggage than an enjoyable memory lane. I’m a pack rat by nature, and that tendency to hold on to everything has followed me to the digital sphere, but thankfully, I do go through these purging and cleansing times and I’m grateful when I can release what I need to let go of and feel lighter.

My priorities are changing a little with this blog: I’m going to be writing primarily to share what’s going on in my life, my brain, and my heart with my family and friends. Long-distance relationships of any nature still take a lot of effort to maintain and it’s my hope that my blog can now become something that really helps to bridge the distance. To anybody I’ve met in the wonderful world of the internet who has followed me to my new blog: thank you and welcome!!!

Here’s to making our own new beginnings! 🙂