I went digging through the garage yesterday evening on a mission to recover my tupperware that has remained there packed in boxes since I moved back home. It wasn’t that hard to get to, but I was wary moving stuff around because of the scorpions. I’ve seen them around plenty of times before, biggest being maybe an inch and half, so they aren’t like the huge ones we had in the Mohave Desert, but they always give me the creeps. Right as I was uncovering my goal, lo and behold in the bottom of the box: a scurrying insect. I was going to leave it alone, but my parents arrived home right then so I was trying to point it out to them and noticed it looked a little funny… like it’s back was this wierd mottled greeny/white color. It kept running under the newspaper on the bottom.

My dad grabbed a pair of pliers, like the fearless warrior he is, and pincered the thing in the middle. It wriggled and twitched and larvae babies popped out! I was so disgusted and fascinated at the same time! Scorpion babies!! Who sees that?! I mean, the tiny ones we find crisped in our light fixtures are obviously new to the world, but I never really thought about how scorpions actually reproduce. Turns out – inside their back… *shudders* I grabbed my camera. So I can share the creepy fascination of course. My inner grade school science geek spirit is obviously still alive. ๐Ÿ™‚

After their photo shoot, they got an all-expenses paid trip out to the front yard and doused in whatever bug killer in a spray can Dad has. Good riddance!!! oh, and I did recover my tupperware and spent a good long time thoroughly washing it!!!