I had an interesting encounter and opportunity open this last Sunday. Very last minute, my mom and her friend invited me to go along with them to the annual Women’s Ministries Brunch a local sister church puts on. I thought, “why not? Free food and you never know what you might hear and learn!” So I went.

And the woman who had been invited as the speaker/performer, Kelly Mowrer, actually ended up sitting at our table. She plays the piano SO beautifully and has been in music/speaking ministry for 17 years. I may have heard of her before, like reading her name on a name on a poster for an event but skimming it quickly so her name never truly stuck around until I paid more attention for whatever reason, like…she’s coming to town! Anyway, she was asking me about myself and I started telling her about how I’m going for my architect’s license and have my degree and then she started telling me about she likes to find spiritual lessons and analogies in people’s experiences. She asked me if I saw anything in the Bible that related to architecture.

I felt a little put on the spot at first, but the truth is I’ve definitely made architecture connections in scripture before! Jesus is called the cornerstone, and the stone the builders rejected, God was the one who gave Noah the design for the Ark and Moses the design for the tabernacle. Jesus told the parable of the man who build his house upon a rock and the man who built his house upon the sand, and talked about going to prepare a place for us, and there is the glorious description of the New Jerusalem in Revelation. There is plenty of architecture in the Bible!

So we had a very interesting conversation around all that, and in short, she asked me to write up a little devotional thought that she could put in her ministry newsletter that she publishes quarterly. I said yes. The thought of doing something like that has flitted through my head often enough that I knew I’d eventually regret it if I passed up a legitimate reason to actually sit down and do it!

So that is something I will be finding some quiet morning time to sit down and put together over the next couple days (weeks?) and I’ll be happy to share it here too when it comes out! ๐Ÿ™‚