I have very good news on the job front! I have been in a state of shock/gratitude/ohmywordwhatdoIdonextfrenzy/pure happy since Sunday. The basic details that have worked out are these: I essentially have picked up another part-time job for the architect in Minnesota that I can do remotely for next month. Then I’ll be in my friend’s wedding on September 30th. Then I’ll make a quick trip out to Minnesota to meet the architect and see where I’d be working in her office them come back to California for another friend’s wedding on October 14th. By that time, we’ll both know for sure whether I will be moving to Minnesota and going to work for her full-time. So… pretty much baring any glaring incompetency on my part or overwhelming difficulties in communicating with each other during this time, it looks like I’ll be moving to the Minneapolis area mid/late October!


I can’t stop smiling, I’m so excited for all the changes this is bringing me! I am most definitely ready for them and will give it my best. Yay!!!