My friend’s wedding was soooooooo lovely!

I just got home and am actually disgruntled with myself at the moment for forgetting to check in to my flight online before I left this morning as I am now boarding #C4 and then #B31 after I change planes. Bahumbug. I’ve never been so far back on Southwest before. Pretty sure it means it will be a full flight and I’ll be stuck in the middle the whole way.

So yes, the wedding today was just so so awesome. It was outdoors in the morning on her family’s property under a big spreading oak tree. Our dress were light and airy and lilac color and we all had flowers in our hair. I got to be a bridesmaid with another high school friend so it was awesome to get to pal around together and catch up. Another bridesmaid was also a friend I grew close to over the past couple years who now lives on the East Coast, so I am just full full full of joy at the time I got to spend with these people and be apart of my friend’s special day! They had this old model T they drove off in too which was just awesome! Yummy food, happy couple, and really everything a wedding day should be full of. πŸ™‚

I didn’t have my camera, so no pictures as of yet. But here’s one of me I took just now, flower still in hair, make up still on!! As I get photos from friends, I will make sure to put some up here too.

wedding face and hair!

But now it’s on to the next thing already: packing. Because I’m headed to MN TOMORROW. In 15 hours, actually. So… I better go get on that. πŸ™‚