Sunday, October 7, mid-afternoon: The tickle of a sore throat begins. I go for a walk to get some fresh air, but by the time I get back, chills and fever are starting. I go to sleep. Later that evening, if my friend’s temporal thermometer is to be believed, my temperature is 100.8. I drink some of their purportedly good for you yet foul tasting brew (echinacea tea, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, etc), take a hot/cold shower, bundle up in bed, and sleep early and deeply.

Monday, October 8, morning: I’m feeling alert and oriented enough to make the drive to work. My throat is still a little sore but no major coughing or sinus issues and my body feels much better. Maybe I shouldn’t be so skeptical about the foul brew.

Monday, October 8, evening: Fever chills and achy joints are back, though not as bad as before. No huge increase in tissue consumption either. Another hot/cold shower and into bed I go.

Tuesday, October 9, morning: Feeling better again, thankfully. I get packed for my return trip and make the drive feeling optimistic.

Tuesday, October 9, evening: So. Tired. Must. Not. Collapse. Who knew simply standing there and running a trade show booth all day could be so exhausting? I go to dinner with my boss. It goes well, we have flowing conversation and make our final negotiations. (yay, I’m officially full-time employed!) I can’t really revel in it right now because as soon as I get back to my hotel room, I can only think: I’m sooooo sick. I call my best friend who I had general plans to stay with the next night to figure out the details but end up deciding to just get together Thursday morning. I crash into bed very willingly.

Wednesday, October 10, early morning: After restless sleep, I am up at 3:30 am to get ready and make the 4:30 am shuttle to the airport. I feel reeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyy badly that I didn’t realize the driver took tips and I have no cash on me whatsoever, nor any way to get any quickly. Irunawayfast. I realize I sound congested when talking to the check-in agent, and the lady who asked the time of my flight and sent me down the short security line, and the TSA dude who caught my pocket knife in my little toiletry/oddsnends bag. *tears* Forgot to move it to my checked bag. *more tears* I end up with about an hour until my flight, so I buy some Green Machine Naked Juice, a water, and Vince Flynn’s Kill Shot.

Wednesday, October 10, first flight: Pretty lovely actually. It isn’t very full, and an older, short, sparsely grey-haired Asian man takes the aisle seat of the row. I have the window and nobody comes in the middle. So after take off I put up the arm rest and get comfy against the side of the plane and sleep for probably a whole hour. Some polite chit-chat helps me think my neighbor’s accent might be Korean, but I’m too chicken to ask. Perhaps I could just say “감사합니다” (thank you) when he let me crawl out and in for a bathroom visit? Nope, too skittish of being wrong. I just read my book.

Wednesday, October 10, second flight: Worse. Every seat is taken, and my head is starting to hurt. On the descent into Sacramento, my ears refuse to pop and I end up with my face turned into the window so I can whimper and make pain faces without my neighbors seeing me. When we land, it’s somewhat bearable, and finally the left side releases. Never loved that squeaking sound so much. It’s not until I meet my mother with my bag that I realize…my voice is really really bad. Not just sounding congested, but almost gone.

Wednesday, October 10, evening: Home sweet home. Was I really just away for 10 days? I want to talk a lot with my parents, but it’s just so uncomfortable on my throat. The sinus problems are kicking it up a notch too. I’m just so glad to be in a thoroughly familiar place right now. We end up watching the first four episodes of the first season of Downton Abbey. Definitely like this show. Mom takes my temp: 99. I go to bed at 10, praying my ears will be clear and my voice better in the morning.

Thursday, October 11, morning and afternoon: I can hear!! I have energy! I’m not going to be that sick person in the wedding party!! My voice is still pretty rough though. And I bring a whole box of tissues in my car and just pull a ton to stuff in my purse, otherwise now known as my portable pharmacy. I meet my best friend down near the mall and we go shopping for bachelorette party presents. 🙂 After our purchases, we meet up with the bride, her mother, and the rest of the bridesmaids for a luncheon. It’s really good food and we all get along and are having fun except I realize I can’t hear as much as thought so it’s really hard for me to stay up with the conversations. I’m also very quickly going through tissues. We head over to get our nails done, which I’m really thankful for because I just get to sit there for awhile! French-tipped gels, I love them. L.O.V.E.

Thursday, October 11, evening: I’m going to be that sick person in the wedding party. We start the bachelorette party and I feel so much worse by now. I’m avoiding talking and moving if I can help it, but still trying to participate. After the bride opens presents and I get to see her reaction on mine, I have to quietly excuse myself and head home. I turn the heater in my car on full blast. (well, granted it only works on full blast right now, lol) I’m getting fever chills and shakes and I can feel a bit of delirium hovering and I just want to give into it. I call home to have the vaporizer set up. Amazingly, my right ear starts to pop a little as I drive up in elevation. It makes me feel better enough to make it home where I pretty much immediately take a hot, hot shower and crawl into bed. Temp: 100.6

Friday, October 12, still dark: I can’t sleep, my ears are bothering me way too much. I actually go wake my parents up. What! Mom said I could. My dad looks in my ear with one of those ear-looker-things and makes noises I can’t translate very favorably. “Dull and distorted” is the verdict on my ear drums. He gives me aspirin.

Friday, October 12, morning: After I’m actually up and moving around, I feel pretty okay. My mother (what would we do without them?!) offers to drive me to the location so I decide to go to the rehearsal at the very least today. It goes for about two hours, and my nose doesn’t give me too much trouble and I sanitize my hands before touching anything. I feel sorry towards the poor fellow who is my assigned groomsman and hope I’m actually not contagious anymore. Coughing is starting though.

Friday, October 12, rest of day: Home again, to my blessed bed, where I give up fighting how I feel. Miserable. Coughing, running nose, achy blocked ears that send little pain stabs down my neck, sinus pressure head aches. I lay around, taking aspirin when told, coming downstairs to eat chicken noodle soup and jello and applesauce and crackers, and okay fine, watching a couple kdrama episodes. 🙂  I drink water and use the bathroom. I rub Vick’s into my chest and neck at regular intervals, sleep on and off, and just behave like a big sick baby. Dad keeps checking my ears, decides this is still just viral, no need for antibiotics yet.

Sabbath, October 13: Horror of horrors, Dad wants me to rinse my ears. I HATE the feeling of things in my ears. It’s been a big mind over matter ordeal already, just sitting still with the little ear-light-probe-looky-thing going in. He brings back a kit after church. I have to lay on my side and let him drip drops down. The liquid makes crackling noises and I feel it running around inside my head. I’m left laying super still holding my own hand repeating to myself “you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay.” Dad comes back with the warm water and a pan and the bubble ended suction thing. (yeah, I totally know all the technical terms for this stuff) There are no words for that awful gurgling flooding sensation. *shudders* Still, it flushes out a TON of junk in that disgustingly fascinating way. So how come I still can’t HEAR?! It still sounds like a dripping faucet or steady hammering inside my skull. My body does feel better today, the fever is gone, but the coughing feels like it has settled deeper in my chest and my sinus are less leaky faucet and more … clingy egg yolk? lol. Otherwise, today is a repeat of yesterday. BUT I think with more aspirin and cough drops, I’ll be able to get through the wedding festivities tomorrow rather well. The ceremony itself is only 45 minutes, so I’m pretty optimistic. It all just starts rather early tomorrow so it’s also early to bed with me again tonight. Haven’t taken my temperature again yet, but not hot to the hand anymore.

May your sicknesses come at times when you can forget the world and just be lazy and let it run it’s course.