So some may know this, some may not, but my most recent hobby is self-studying and learning Korean. Speaking, reading, and understanding it. The more I find out about this language, the more I love it. I find it so interesting that the Hangul alphabet was invented in the 1400’s, so fairly recently compared to most! I found it very easy to learn and so intuitive in the way the letters relate to each other. I like that it’s considered an “isolate” as in there are no other related languages. I like the sound of it, even if I do have some trouble with comprehension when hearing it. There’s a lot of nuance that my native English ears find it difficult to distinguish between. But I’ve been watching Korean TV with and without subtitles to help with that and I get so excited when I understand the jist of what someone is saying or recognize things that were left out of the subtitles!

Sometimes I feel like I know a lot already, other times I feel like I know hardly any. I’d really like to seek out some other people to learn with and some native speakers to help with my pronunciation and usage.

Also, some of these shows are just downright entertaining to me now. Running Man is AWESOME. I keep watching back episodes, and the current ones are good too. It makes me want to grab seven of my friends, lock us in some famous building over-night, solve puzzles/clues/riddles towards some prize, all the while having to hide from each other and watch your back as the number one rule is “Protect Your Nametag.” Once the huge name tag velcroed on your back is pulled off, you are out for good and sent to jail. It’s a treasure hunt, the Amazing Race-esque, hide and seek, and tag, all in one. In the earlier shows, the losing team had a punishment and were sometimes sent to walk around a fish market in shooooort shorty shorts. Hahahaha! It’s like I’m 10 again, watching this stuff. Here’s a taste of one of the random and hilarious games:

~카리사티~ (My best approximation of writing my name in hangul following the “always at least one consonant and one vowel to a syllable” rule. It’s pronounced something like this: Kuh Ree Suh Tee)