I’m just about to turn in for the night, but I’m excited about something I found tonight, so I’m going to share: a website for tracking my student loans!!! I’ve been after myself for about a month and a half to make a spreadsheet with all my loans and interest rates and payments and get a graph together predicting pay off etc etc etc. Yes. I am a nerd. BUT today I came across ReadyForZero and am giving it a shot to do all that for me. It’s free, it’s pretty, it’s clear and easy. I still have some fine tuning to do to my plan, but that will have to be tomorrow and I’m tired and my self set lights out was 11 minutes ago as I type this. Just re-read all that, and wow do I sound like a salesperson. Whatever, don’t care, I’m excited about using this.

I have a good feeling about this. Here’s to finding ways to be motivated on the LOOONG road to getting out of debt!