I normally don’t pay too much attention to weather reports or what temperature it is outside. I just open a door or a window or go..hmm… feels cold, I should grab a jacket, or woah! so hot! sunglasses! But on my drive to and from work, I pass a lot of banks and their time and temp signs. I’m starting to pay attention from part boredom, part morbid curiosity.

Folks, it’s cold here. One morning, I walked outside to start my car (yes, I start it about 15-20 minutes before I actually go anywhere. it’s a pain, but I do like that it gets toasty before I get on the road.) and went: huh, not as bad as yesterday! and left my coat unzipped while I got in my car, and forgot a scarf. The bank said it was -13. I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I saw that.

I think it was that evening that before I left, my boss was warning me that it was supposed to get down below -20 in the night and she was worried after my car. I was sort of worried, I mean… my car made it through three winters in Michigan just fine but I never paid attention to the degrees then either so I’m not sure how here and there compare!

The Weather Channel.com says it’s 2 but feels like -10 right now. But tomorrow, the high is supposed to be 23!!! Warm! ๐Ÿ™‚ I certainly hope it is sunny too. and no wind. but Thursday’s forecast? 0. that’s a zero. sigh.

I’m tired of feeling cold. And seeing dirty ugly half melted refrozen solid snow and ice coating the world, I’d take some fresh stuff to pretty up the place right now. Thank the Lord for houses and heat and cozy beds. Happy Sabbath, I hope wherever you are is warmer than here.