Today was a winter day that I absolutely loved. We had a nice big snowfall Monday, and while I hated driving in that… it lead to absolutely beautiful scenery on my way to work today. Pristine while rolling fields and sparkling white frosted trees! It was also warm enough to feel comfortable without a hat and gloves, and the sun shone all day long, and the sounds of icicles falling off the house and trees were quite frequent. It was still wintery, but the promise was spring was felt and I was happy with that!

Another thing that I’m excited about is a work-related trip. We are going to visit a site tomorrow, to take measurements and document what is there, and some other stuff too, but basically I get to lead out the documenting part of it. I’m looking forward to it, and feeling more competent and confident about it. I just coordinated a demolition plan from three sets of resources for notes plus the existing and new plans that got good feedback on it, so that gave me good confidence boost.

PLUS: here are two songs that I really like right now:



Finally, I’ve got to some clutter straightening up to go do and then some number crunching for planning bringing the rest of my stuff from CA. It definitely a time where I’m not doing anything particularly unique, but I rather like the ordinariness right now. 🙂