I’m getting ready for church… I agreed to read the scripture today… not entirely sure why, I really wanted to say yes the first week I was asked, but I was headed out of town for the weekend, and so I said this second time although the urge to had faded… I have mixed feelings about being up front at church, I’m usually much more comfortable with another person, a group is even better! At least this is nothing more than walking up, reading a preselected passage, and sitting down.

SOO I’m cooking/eating breakfast as I write this, I just keep thinking about all the stuff I could write about, all the posts I’m wanting to do, and this ramble is the result of just sitting down and finally putting fingers to key board. ๐Ÿ™‚

I got a new phone…a smart one too. I love it so far. So many nifty apps! I have instagram now, so I gotta figure out if I can get it to post here… I can’t imagine there isn’t a way, I just need to investigate. When I do, I hope you can look forward to more pictures!

I’m heading back to CA next week for the last part of the move. My emotions are all a jumble about it. It’s mostly a… happy nervous. It’s HIGH time I spread my wings like this, but as much I’ve wanted this… it scares me in a lot of ways. The rest of my life is a huge puzzle, I don’t want it to just happen to me. I want to make it happen and that’s honestly a struggle for this introverted, daydreamy, perfectionist/procrastinating girl/woman.

Lately, I’ve just been feeling certain God has helped stick me where I am right now in order to face myself and grow. It’s not a detour, it’s not a pause, it’s not a fork… it’s a….. mission? a time to plant, a time to build, a time to heal, a time to search, a time to refrain, … ๐Ÿ™‚ wait for it… a time to seek, and act, and wait! hahaha.

Okay, I must be off.

But seriously… Ecclesiastes 3 came to mind, and I LOVE that whole chapter really. Maybe go read it for yourself to today, I don’t have time to post it!