SO background info: I was watching a Running Man episode yesterday, and the people that do the subtitles also put little notes in the upper left hand corner about what song is playing in the background or used as the soundtrack at that moment. Whoever does their music and sound effects is just brilliant because it’s probably half the reason I fell in love with the show. Anyway, so this piece of music came on and I immediately was so grateful to those subtitle notes!! We had an arrangement of this on some cassette when I was growing up, maybe my mom will remember what tape it was… I wonder if there is a CD now… could be, could very well not be, anyway, I LOVED this piece. And never remembered what it was. Until now. I found it on youtube, I’m sure you’ll recognize it right away. I had no idea the full piece was so long but I let it play yesterday and the whole thing is really moving, but of course my favorite part is still the very beginning.

I thought I’d also just put up a couple other pieces that probably my favorites, these are much shorter, haha!

I just love music. ๐Ÿ™‚