What a whirlwind of a week I’ve had!!!

First, I recently got hooked up with a staffing company and got asked if I could fill in at a small firm for just a week. Their only drafter had been hospitalized over the weekend and they had some deadlines last week they really needed to get documents done for. So of course I was up for the challenge, and today was the last day, their guy is coming back tomorrow. It was great experience, I got some really great comments when I was leaving today, it was a wonderful boost of confidence in my abilities that I sorely needed.

Secondly, I had some family visit from Wed night to Monday morning, and I had such a wonderful time. Talking, sharing, just some really great deep personal and spiritual conversations, fun to have company around the house and we got out to see some Minneapolis sights that were new for me as well. It was just a busy and rewarding week, and has given me a boost in attitude. 🙂

The thing I have been thinking a lot to myself this week is simply one phrase: “Accept the change.” In the past, I have tended to subconsciously fight the inner urges towards change even though they are towards good things I want to embrace in my life because they are just not quite comfortable for me yet. But when I can accept the change, and recognize that that yes, I am being changed, and that to be different than before is a good thing in this case, that really carries a lot of satisfaction and hope with it.