hello all!

I’m just chilling lately, getting used to a regular work oriented rhythm of life again. So many little things need attention, things I’m starting to mentally categorize as “life maintenance”. Planning and making lunches, cleaning the house a little bit each day, doing laundry here and there, making and keeping appointments, etc. It’s nice. Mostly. Turns out the thing I both like and dislike most about living alone is how proactive and intentional I must get to make life happen. I like it because I feel like it’s all adult-y and growth-y, dislike because it takes up quite a bit of energy and what discrentionary time I’m have when I’d really love to just watch Netflix and Viki. So I’m still negotiating how to get things done that are necessary in a way that leaves me satisfied with the results with the minimal energy and time required. I looked over my Flag Page results recently and smiled to see the image from “Peace Country” (which I totally am) … a guy pushing the mower with one hand while reclining in a hammock!

Ah, well, I actually pulled this entry up to share a few small stories. 🙂

First… I finally registered my car in Minnesota. My California plates are now sitting my office… waiting for me to do something with them because I feel attached! This also means I keep doing double takes and doubting that my car is mine when I’m looking for in a parking lot. Turns out, I’m super grateful to the little decal stuck on the trunk from my ex-boyfriend’s dad’s dealership. He did some work on my car once, years ago now, and stuck it on there and I’ve never bothered to remove it. It’s never bothered me, probably mostly because I really liked his dad, I kind of liked having it around, I was really grateful for his generosity. So basically that little decal is now the thing that assures me I’m using my keys on the right car!!

Next… oh. my. word. my apartment is surrounded by the nastiest spiders. Ugly things with bulbous bodies. They were ALLLLL over in the corners by the outside doors. I finally noticed them as I was getting the mail and bringing things in from the car, probably because it’s starting to get darker earlier. Anyway, some SERIOUSLY heebie jeebies. I thought my deck was rather clear of the creatures, but nope, one zipped down on his little web while I was out there tonight, inched from my arm. I came inside quick. One good thing for winter: no bugs outside!

Last.. this felt seriously cool. So I was in TJMaxx. A couple entered the same aisle as I was in, down at the other end. As soon as they started talking, it felt like I had bat hearing or something, my ears totally locked on and were like.. “KOREAN!” Yup, I recognized it right away, and even more astonishing to me… I understood a lot of it! I clearly understood a few complete sentences like “Oh, what is this?” “It’s still way too expensive” “That’s a lot of money” “I think we’ll like this.” “It will look good in the room.” Totally got shivers and giddy, and sidled down the aisle pretending to look at the shelves to get closer because they were talking rather quietly. I felt a little bad eavesdropping, but on the other hand I thought, “Yeah, but you’re eavesdropping IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE!!!” 🙂

That’s all folks. 🙂 Hope you’ve had a good week and have fun plans for the weekend end.