It’s 11 PM and I’m just starting the MOUNTAIN of dishes on my counter. Really, this is cycle I’m getting tired of. Not the late night part… the avoiding washing dishes until they are a mountain part. I think I need to implement a new personal rule: No eating my meal until the prep dishes are washed. I’m just one me. I can wash a pot and a skillet and a cutting board and a knife and whatever two utensils before my food gets cold. And then I just have the plate/bowl/cup/fork/knife whatever when I’m done.

Sound good? Okay. And now the idea of personal rules is appealing to me. Like I should make some and post them in my place. Posting them here will have to count for now.

1) Wash all the prep dishes before sitting down to eat.

2) Eat without distractions. (No tv/movie/youtube/blog reading/book reading)

3) …….

eh, okay so… I’ll keep you posted when I come up with more. I mean “if.”

In happy news: my neck is feeling much better. Still kind of a dull sore at the fringes of my awareness, but not enough to make me whimper like I was three days ago. Sleeping has been you know how much you use your neck muscles to roll over?!

Also. I’ve been seriously considering making this Going legit, lol. but meh, topic for another moment, it’s late, and I have dishes to get back to because I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH THEM STILL STARING AT ME.

So many things I want to do. I keep telling myself: You have all the time that you need.

uh…hope you enjoyed this random ramble.