I’m just full of blogging energy this week apparently… and happily rolling with it.

Tonight’s time consumer has been updating my computer. Yes, I finally upgraded my Mac OS (from Leopard to Snow Leopard, hah! now it’s ready for the latest Mountain Lion, but I’m holding off on that just yet)

The biggest reason I needed to do this is that now I have the latest version of YNAB installed which syncs with their app on my phone. (If you don’t know what YNAB is, it’s budgeting software, TOTALLY worth it’s price, amazing customer support, google it, I hope it changes your life, it’s certainly helping change mine.) I anticipate MUCH improved financial habits from this, since I will able to just add transactions and check my balances as I’m going about my day. No more sitting down to enter receipts at the end of week because I put it off. No more wondering what is left in my “wardrobe” account while I’m at the store. yay!!!

Also..I bought a vacuum today. A long LONG needed purchase. There was a sale at Target, got $10 off, not too bad. I already used it and wow am I ever grateful for vacuums.

The final prompt for the vacuum purchase is that this weekend is the Women of Faith conference, which I am going to and a friend will be staying Friday night with me. I’m REALLY looking forward to this weekend. The conference, and the friend face time! Girl friends are really precious. ๐Ÿ™‚

SO, now hopefully I can get to sleep soon, I just about finished today’s to dos. Perhaps I’ll have a moment tomorrow night to share about I did that finally seems to be working to get me motivated to check things off!

Hope you all had productive clean days. ๐Ÿ™‚