So I’m about to go to bed, but I wanted to pop in here for moment. 🙂

Women of Faith was so great! There were fun nuggets of truth in all the speakers, the music was wonderful, and I had a really really great time just hanging out with my friend and seeing some more of downtown St.Paul.

Interestingly enough, the whole “wash my dishes before I sit down to eat” is really working and helping! I have not had a pile of dishes of my counter this whole week! Well, I suppose I do have a small one right now, but it is on the “clean” side of the sink, so I feel accomplished looking at them rather than discouraged!

I feel like there was something else….but oh well, I’ve really gotta get myself into bed! It’s already half an hour later than my flimsily self-imposed bed time anyway. Funny how as a kid, one reason growing up was appealing was the thought of going to bed whenever I wanted. Little did I realize how much say my body has that my mind can’t override very well!

Happy mid-week, hope everyone finishes it strong!

OH! I was also going to say that yesterday I had to scrape frost off my car windows. The chill has begun and I have mixed feelings. Apparently, even approaching my eighth mid-west winter, I have no idea how I really feel about it. Day by day, Christy, day by day. Ha.