Warning. Geeky/Nerdy Rambles Ahead. 🙂

I took myself out on a date yesterday to go see Ender’s Game. It’s long been one of my favorite books, and I was so excited and apprehensive to hear it was being made into a movie. I am happy to report that I was very pleased with it! As far as page-to-screen adaptations go, it might just be one of my favorites.

Although I have to wonder what I would have thought of it had I not read the book first. I noticed lots of little things that had their appropriate, true to the book impact in the movie but they weren’t really explained, you know? It was like winks and nods and ah-hah moments that were fun to see and notice and find, but knowing the FULL background made it a little bittersweet of course, wishing for scenes that were in the book but only getting a tease at the them.

Still, I what I’ve noticed about the whole book/movie debate is that I really don’t mind it as much when there are some things in book that aren’t in the movie, but when there are things in the movie that absolutely weren’t in the book, THAT is when I start getting my really critial eye out. *coughBourneIdentitycough* Thankfully, I didn’t notice anything really significant of that with Ender’s Game.

There is a whole other layer to the story that wasn’t explored involving more of the Earth politics, and Peter and Valentine. But I think it was actually a really great move to keep that part out because Ender himself was never aware of it and so if you are focusing on telling just his story, it makes a lot a sense. Now, if this were to be a mini series or something, THEN I’d be saying you better include Locke and Demosthenes!

And wow did I like the sets! THE BATTLE ROOM! The uniforms! The score board (although…Dragon Army went up on the board in first place and stayed there… TINY quibble!) The bugs!!! THE MIND GAME visuals. The Command School base.

There’s a lot of good thoughts to mine out of it. Because really, I think it’s quite a tragic story. At the end, the commander is telling Ender “We won, that’s all that matters!” and Ender replies “No, the way we win matters.” True words, those. It’s a story of strategy, war, deception, ignorance, mistakes, pride and arrogance, ethics, choices and consequences. I think I like it so much just because soo soo many true to reality themes of struggles and inner conflicts are depicted, somehow made all the more apparent by the futuristic/science-fiction setting.

I was slightly disappointed with the ending, the very last bit. Perhaps it was left a little more open-ended for possible sequels. There are more books, which I haven’t read, and right now I’m really wondering why ever not! The other thing that was slightly disappointing was mostly how some of the characters were “softened up” on the screen vs. the book. Peter, his school bully, Bonzo, Graff, even his friends. He really was one isolated, hated, set apart kid and it didn’t really FEEL like that in the movie. He does makes friends of a sort in the book, eventually, but there’s enough of a distance between him and the other kids that is never breached. He does end up gaining others respect and build a few solid trusting relationships, but they don’t really become close and fun friendships.

Haha, the more I think about it, the more I find to nit pick at. :)So in the end, I guess it is the same old story that I seem to find myself saying about movies based of books: I would encourage people to read the book if you want the real story! But the movie version still gets an 8/10 from me. Not perfect, but better adapted than others, and hit all the high spots.

Geeky/Nerd rambles over and out. 🙂