what? Friday night and I feel like writing? It’s a Christmas miracle!!! 🙂 (I kid, I kid, but really…)

Work is SO busy. This project has extended deadline after deadline from so many reasons. It’s hard to stay focused on it. Thankfully this week, I had a small break and got to help put together a schematic plan for a small tenant improvement project that let me have a short break.

I’ve also been battling a cold this week. Now I’m in that wierd clingy dry cough and congestion phase right before it’s fully gone. I’m looking forward to being well. Being well is something to always be thankful for.

I’ve had a couple adventures lately I suppose: traveling to Michigan for thanksgiving, and started seeing a chiropractor. The chiropractor thing is really helping my tense shoulders and stiff low back stuff.

I love how in life, something that I happen to see by chance or in passing can spark a thought that stays with me and leaves a strong impression. I can’t even remember where but I read or saw something that said “core values” or talked about it, but what jumped at me was like I went … wait… what are mine? If someone was just like “what are your values?” I think I’ve had a pretty hard time articulating them on the spot. So. I’m going to really think about it, and examine my life and write two lists: what my lifestyle says my values are and what values i actually want to choose to have and live by. Sometime after thinking those thoughts, the next chapter I read in “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown was on cultivating meaningful work.

Two very good things to be keeping in mind as I move forward in life (It’s Christmas already? What? I’ll be 28 in a month and some change? WHAT?!) my values and where I find meaning. And while a part of me desperately wishes this was all stuff I’d neatly figured out for myself at 17 not 27, I still plan on having… 60+ years of upward trajectory ahead of me.

Oh, one comment that stuck out at me from times with my family… that I’m the “nice one”. I finally said… I hate that label! I’M NOT NICE! well, okay I AM, but still. The truth is, I don’t really see myself as “nice.” I prefer words like “easygoing” “kind” “generous” “chill” “unjudgemental” etc.

“Nice” has too many doormat/pushover connotations for me. It was way to get me to give in and do things.. “that wasn’t nice” or “because you’re nice!” Because I HAVE been too nice in the past and it’s gotten me nothing but anxiety and insecurity.

so. have fun chewing on all that. I’m sleepy and stuffed up and going to bed. 🙂

from the frigid California girl.

Also. I wonder about my name. I’ve only ever introduced myself by my full name at work, but one girl keeps accidentally calling me something else close but not, and today an interior designer the office has worked with in the past came by and as she was leaving she said, it was nice to meet you christy! I KNOW I was introduced differently. Can people who never knew I’ve been “christy” practically my whole life somehow tell that my full name still feels a little foreign to me? And that I can still get little flashbacks to getting in trouble as a kid? I’m curious. Perhaps I will actually ask one of these days. Or just start using my nickname professionally as well. OH well. problems for a better rested brain. Happy Sabbath.