I really didn’t think this would be my first post of the new year, or that it would happen so far into the year already, but I’m actually glad it’s worked out like this. I was waiting for the words to gell in my brain, for inspiration, for direction, for vision for my blogging habit that I can’t seem to quit even if I question it’s purpose in my life!

Well, I have a cold this weekend, and I actually started a post but held off on it, thinking perhaps a stuffy and sneezy addled brain might not create the most coherent thoughts! Then my dad sent me this video to watch with a note “I thought you could watch this while you are sick.” (thank you, Dad, you know me well!)

I watched/listened to it this morning, while making/eating breakfast. This guy makes some really good points! I’ve definitely experienced a lot of what he’s talking about with the younger generations, and as I’m honestly reflecting, I will say this: My parents, my best friends, and a few other close family members have had way more influence in my faith and why I still have it than my church at large. This is approximately 50 minutes long, I think it’s very thought provoking so I wanted to share it somewhere I could talk a little more about it too. And even have a little dialogue in the comments, should anyone actually watch it and have something to share too!

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know how unscheduled and rather spontaneous it is. It used to bug me a lot, feeling like I should blog more like the blogs I like to read, because after all… I like to read them because I can depend on new posts regularly! I’ve decided not to let it bug me this year, because, well… more on that in the post I started writing that I might have a good ending for now. 🙂

I am VERY glad 2013 is behind me. Here’s to 2014! *raises glass*