So recently, I’ve been feeling like I have no time to DO anything, let alone the things I want to. I thought making this little pie chart thingy was a fun way to take a look at reality and where my time is going. Presenting: how 5 of my 7 days a week generally go…


Sigh. All I have for free time is approximately 4 hours a day. It’s actually more like 3 because I’ll be honest… that 5 to 6 am slot is usually still sleep, or some sort of lucid dreaming toss and turn argue with myself about getting up transition period. I DO like that while I’m on the train, I get to read. I’ve made more progress through my to read list than I have in a LONG time and wow, it’s really wonderful! But back to that 4 hours – again, not entirely accurate if I were to take out breakfast and dinner. I’m learning again and again how a little bit of planning goes a LONG way when it comes to meal times and eating well.

Anyway, having figures and numbers in front of me like this really helps sometimes. It’s harder to waste those 4 hours away when I see just how small my spare time during the week is to put towards what I really want to do and make of my life. I’m trying to find ways to keep the other hours interesting and meaningful too, which means I now have 23 minutes to go and get ready for bed. Imposing a 9:30 bedtime upon myself is one of those things I’m doing because I like the results better than the thing itself!!

And with these random thoughts, I bid you all good night. 🙂