how long does one have to sustain a change for it to become accepted as a new normal? just a thought that passed through my head as i opened this up to write a little post from the train. yes, today’s ramble brought to you by the commuter rail!

anyway- the first change, that i have sustained for about two weeks now is a morning and evening worship time with God. i have missed a couple here and there, but i realized i was too rigid in my thinking of what it would take to never. miss. a. day. again. because thats what i felt internal perfectionistic pressure to do. stressed me out and did not motivate me to start. but yes, about two weeks ago, i had one simple idea: move my small desk lamp from beside my bed to the table by the chair in my main room. suddenly-i totally want to sit in that chair with my low lighting and pray and read my Bible and journal! i decided not to worry about what to bring or do when i’m not at home, just establish a habit at home. it’s been working out well, and i also discovered again just how much the conditions of the physical world can affect our spiritual and metal states.

the second change is something i am going to do. the thought came to me this week, and i am going to commit to a diet change. basically be vegan plus eggs. and only local organic eggs. i’ve been using almond milk for years now. but cheese, mayonaise, yogurt, butter… they keep coming and going. i doubt i will ever fully give up eggs, but at least i can cut back on frequency and use only the best.  oh, and this commitment is just for the rest of this year. i will evaluate then whether i wish to continue or not! a firm time period goal will help me stick to it. i am basically experimenting on myself! i want to have a healthier body but i dont have the energy or discipline to go all out with suddenly changing my diet and crazy exercise. so i refuse to get down on myself about my exercise habits for the rest of my year, focus on my eating and see what happens.

pefect timing! pulling into the station now. 🙂 have a good Easter everyone!