so thankfully, that last cold was really short lived! i was able to go back to work monday, so i was really happy about that. thanks for the comments and well wishes 🙂

please excuse the lack of capitalization, i am typing this on my phone and gave up on the annoying buttons that slow me down. i don’t want this to take my whole train ride!

i just jumped on here to share that i’ve been starting to budget and check on my money daily this month and i have securred a person to be my money mentor! i’m really excited about taking better charge of my finances.

i’ve realized that i’ve been relating to money with a large range of emotions throughout my life. apathy. fear. anxiety. bewilderment. envy. hopelessness. frustration. desire. confusion. there are so many mixed messages out there about it. it’s good, it’s evil, you should give it away, you should hoard it, wanting it is greedy, not wanting it is stupid.

sigh. well, i made it one of my priorities this year to delve into my financial mindset and unravel what i find there and educate myself on money issues. not just personal finance, but the larger financial world too, because i’m not just some identityless “consumer”, i do strongly believe that where my money goes it betrays where my values truly lie.

so. i’ve been through some really good books on the train, been looking up how to use my ynab software more effectively, and have somebody to talk specifically about this area of my life with. i’m starting to feel things like hope. interest. curiosity. peace. responsible. confidence. patience. determination. yay!