i got up and exercised for half an hour this morning! i am very pleased and i am loving how i feel right now. awake. accomplished. ๐Ÿ™‚

i’ve had this workout plan printed out for awhile but havent started it and last night i just decided it was time! i’m using a beginners plan from blogilates.com. this mornings video was a perfect first day total body work out! i love pilates, and its worked really well for me in the past so i’m exicited.

i think i’m seeing a bit of a cascade effect. since going no dairy, i’ve been keeping it up really well! theres only been a few times i couldn’t avoid it (eating at someones house who wasnt aware!) and i’m okay with that. but it’s been motivating me to try other small changes and now i’ve started doing this four week plan.

i’d really love to eventually join a mma gym and do kickboxing and because i can’t afford that right now, i’ve let that dissapointment keep me from doing any kind of workout at all because it’s not what i wanted. but people are nothing if not agents of action. even inaction is a type of action. the choice not to do something and the choice to do something, whether consious or subconsious, are both events and both create the next set of circumstances.

hm, that tangent was just to say…i’ve decided to do what i can now anyway. and when i do get to join a gym, i won’t be starting at zero! i’ll be building up it ๐Ÿ™‚

have a good week everyone!