Oh, time, that mysterious concept. We like to think we get it, using phrases like manage time, spend time, save time, lose time, gain time, and waste time. Like it’s a commodity. Like it’s measurable. Like it’s tangible. And it is to a certain degree. But I’m realize these days – I inhabit time just as much as I inhabit space. I mean, “space-time” is the phrase coined to refer to the dimensions of our reality – 3 dimensions of space, 1 dimension of time. My body has so much mass, displaces so much volume of air as I walk around, and all of that is wrapped up and occurring in time. I have recently fallen out of like with sayings such as “Tomorrow is a brand new day!” I get what they mean – a fresh start, a clean state, but I personally have used that mentality to put a lot of things off. We talk about “being present” and what a challenge it is. Maybe it doesn’t have to be so hard. What if instead of thinking of time as all chopped to bits by minutes and hours and days and years – we recognize it as it is: flowing. I like the analogy of a current. A continuum. All of our ways of talking about time serve the purpose of marking it’s passing and are simply a common system of reference to keep people communicating effectively. Genesis says “evening and morning.” Recently, I’ve been reminding myself as I get ready for bed – I’m not ending my day, I’m preparing for the one that just started. Call me crazy, but it’s helping with my self-management. Because that’s the kicker too – I can’t actually manage time – I am completely powerless over time, it does not to my bidding in the slightest. But I can manage myself. I have all the information I need to manage myself within space and time. I’m grateful we do have all the ways we have invented to measure our world and our experience – feet, meters, fahrenheit, seconds, etc. They were established to serve us, not the other way around. I have often felt discouraged or helpless and at the mercy of time. I’ve felt afraid of it. I’ve felt disconnected from it. I think because once we leave a moment, we cannot change what happened in that moment, but at least we know happened in that moment. I think of the phrase “living in the past.” That’s like getting that part of us that dwells in time stuck facing backwards while attempting white water rafting. One truly is at the mercy of the current in that case. I think that’s been me. I want to face forward. Yes, it’s a limited view. One can not actually live in the future or know exactly what will happen, although we do make our best predictions about it. We have to, because we can only move with time in the direction it is already going. Which means every moment is new. Perhaps that is what being present is all about, attending to the actual place and moment in which we exist while facing forward.