I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Sabbath. Specifically, how I typically spend it vs. how I feel I ought to spent it vs. the many ways I’ve spent it in the past. I think the only conclusions I have come to are these: One, I love God. Two, I don’t even know how I WANT to spend it. So I’m exploring that – if my goal is truly to spend the day resting with God and enjoying the company of fellow believers, what would my ideal Sabbath look like right now?

  • My apartment would be clean and orderly by sundown Friday night.
  • I would have a few friends over for Mexican food and worship
  • Worship would consist of singing songs with a guitar, reading from the Bible, discussion, and prayer
  • I would be in bed by 10
  • I would wake up whenever my body decides I’ve had enough sleep!
  • I would enjoy a light breakfast of fruit and my dad’s homemade cinnamon twists.
  • I wouldn’t rush taking a shower and getting dressed
  • I’d spend at least a couple hours in my own personal Bible study time
  • Church would start at noon with a lunch potluck first
  • Sabbath school would be after lunch
  • The nicest part of the afternoon would be spent outdoors – hiking, walking, canoeing, visiting gardens, playing with pets, swimming, playing games with friends and family, sitting around in the shade, etc
  • Church would resume in the late part of the day, listening to a sermon or some other prearranged program.
  • Dinner would also be a simple affair, eaten while watching the sunset, either at home or still at church
  • Sundown worship would just be prayers
  • I would want to linger because I’m sad it’s over! (This at least, is usually the case!)

As I read this over again, it’s strikes me as a very introverted kind of Sabbath! Some of these things are very much within my control, ie – cleaning the house ahead of time and preparing food, but others – why DO we have Sabbath school at 9:30? But yeah, I doubt very much such ingrained service schedules will change anytime soon! Anyway, it was fun to think about, and even if I can’t change my church’s service times, there much I can be proactive about – and will be, thanks to this exercise. 🙂 Happy Sabbath everyone, what would today look like as your ideal?!