I’ve had a lovely Sunday. My home was a bit cluttered and disorderly from a very busy past two weeks, so I resolved not to stress about getting it picked up and just start picking up and enjoy doing what I could.

Then, I had a friend call and invite me on a walk, so I accepted and about an hour later, she came over and we left from my house and walked the river trail and downtown. We stopped for some coffee and split a raspberry tart on the way home, so I’m sure we just ate the calories we burnt off on the walk, but it was enjoyable all the same! Then we sat and chatted on my balcony for a while. I really like having company. I just realized that I didn’t even think about the state of my apartment when she came over, and I am really grateful to be moving on from worrying about others will think of appearances!!

After she left, an idea hit me. I have wanted an office area in my apartment, and the last three configurations I have tried have not been inviting ones. So I actually moved my desk and my printer and my file drawers out the living room, and totally switched everything up! I love it!! My living room/sitting area is much cozier, my bookcases are along the opposite wall that just felt too empty before, and my desk area overlooks the apartment so I don’t feel cooped up and everything is within reach right by the door for dropping off my stuff when I get home. I will get some pictures up after I’ve done some more of the small stuff arranging. This main open room feels SO much more inhabited and full than the way it was before, like an actual room.

I feel good headed into Monday, and that my week got off to a very productive start! I hope yours did too! 🙂