Hello. 🙂 It is late for me, but my laundry load in the dryer had 7 minutes left and I was thinking what I could do for that time, and I thought… blog, of course!

I haven’t just sat down to write and see what comes out for awhile, so I thought maybe everyone reading would appreciate another stream of consciousness, less structured post!

I’m trying to think though…what is new with me? Not much. A typical week is: go to work, come home from work, do housekeeping/life-keeping tasks, do a little bit on random home projects. I post to instagram, I watch kdramas and Running Man and the latest from my youtube subscriptions, I read, I knit, I hang out with friends, I sing once a month on the praise team at church. Life is pretty quiet.

It’s a strange quiet, I like it most of the time, some days I’m sick of it and want MORE, but MORE of what, I really can’t say. I’m just nostalic tonight, a bit. It came to mind to see if I could find some of the old music I listened to as a kid (you know, the music you heard because your parents had it on and it’s just what they listened to) on Spotify. I love it though, so many memories. I found all the Fresh Aire albums by Mannheim Steamroller. I LOVE listening to all these again, I can sort of see in my minds eye the little girl carefully putting the record on the player (!yes, I remember records and felt so grown up when my parents let me handle them!) and dancing around the living pretending to be a fairy or the queen of the fairies or an explorer or hunter.

And something kind of funny – I realized that for me, the Fresh Aire V album will always go along with the book Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis. Maybe just because the music is supposed to be about a trip to the moon and the book is about a trip to Mars, but I’m pretty sure I was also listening to it while I was reading it at some time in my life, and two have been buddies in my brain ever since. Does anybody else have that? Books and music that go together for you?

Anyway, my dryer buzzed, so I am going to go put my clothes away and get to bed!

Have a good Friday and a good weekend!