I took the train today for the first time in about two and half months. There were a couple days that I needed to drive because of work (site meetings mostly) and then I just lost the habit and got used to having 20 “extra” minutes in my morning and 20 “extra” minutes in the evening.

But I finally got a pass card that I can refill at the station or my grocery store and today, I made it happen. I must say, it was lovely. It’s strange how even though I didn’t need to, I realized driving made me feel like I was rushing. Stopping at red lights that I had timed differently before and made the green were a source of annoyance.

I really feel very relaxed today! I got home and actually felt like doing things instead of relaxing for “just a little bit” and then getting sucked into watching older Running Man episodes!

I am about to attempt frying pickles because they are my favorite Minnesota State Fair food and I have left over dill pickles I bought for a potluck and found panko crumbs on sale at the grocery store yesterday. Why not try to make some myself?!

Anyhoo… taking the train is lovely, even if it does make my commute a little bit longer. It’s just one small thing that affirms to me that quantity of time is not really what I want to focus on but quality of time! 🙂