So I got curious and took a free online Myer-Briggs test this afternoon. I know it’s not going to be as accurate as the real deal, but hey, it would be fun because I’d forgotten what I had gotten in the past.

First result: INFJ! by a 1% preference over INFP. So that site recommended I read both profiles as I might see aspect of myself in both. I did so, and agreed… I identified just slightly more with their description of an INFJ.

I had pulled up a second test just to see if I got the same result, well surprise… they said I was INFP by a 16% preference. And again, based on their short descriptions, I felt myself leaning INFP by their description.

So I googled “borderline INFJ INFP” and found out a ton more information on these personality types and how they are often mistaken for each other but how really these two are not that much alike AT ALL, they only have some surface similarities and otherwise tend to have opposite tendencies in internal thinking. But I STILL saw myself in both descriptions!! Although, at this point I was slightly leaning towards believing INFP.

So I came across a site that offered a quiz just between INFJ and INFP.

I got 53% INFP and 47% INFJ. Ha, such a tiny tip in the scale!

I took the same site’s regular quiz for all types and got INFJ!

Now, if I believe these site google furnished up for me, INFP’s are roughly 4% of the population and INFJ’s less than 1%. So whichever it is, it’s not common!

It makes me want to go take the legit Myer-Briggs sometime, because at least I’m not getting wildly different results from the multiple sites, and it would be nice to confirm which side of the line I’m on!