I woke up around 3:30 and haven’t been able to fall back asleep. What better thing to do when that happens than turn on my bedside light, grab my journal and pen, and get whatever is roiling around in my mind out on paper?! And then come here to share some tidbits that really stood out to me, of course. 😊
I think it’s common for people who are introspective and reflecting on their lives to start with the places they are unhappy about, the things they want to change, the person they want to become. That’s at least true for me, and one of the things I recognize that I keep coming back to is the question of the priority God has in my life. It’s something I’ve often bemoaned to myself, asking, where am I leaving room for God in all this? Why does He feel like an afterthought and seeking His will is only my second consideration? But I think I realized tonight that’s not the way to look at it at all! I mean, how much of a failure can I keep falsely accusing myself of being?! Think of it this way: I keep coming back to Him. Growing in Christ and following God is perhaps the one constant desire I keep returning to. How can I be discouraged about that?!

I definitely feel more peaceful after reframing that in my thoughts.