I am here
This body of flesh and blood and bone
A lump of living
Still in space, always beating on

Oblivion isn’t the answer
Still, it’s siren song dampens the days
Heaviness, cold molasses
The bedrock of my walls

They are breached
For a time, for a year, for an hour, for a day
Moments made all the sweeter
From their tinge of the passage previous

I am not here
This wandering will and shredded soul
The fill of my form
Trapped and restless for a better else

No way but forward
Mass and mind dragged through time
Neither having asked to live, to move, to be
Instinct persevering all the same

Eternity is the answer
Soft, it’s song a lament for its own loss
Proffered cure, love seeping through the breaches
Eroding entrenched foundations of old

I am here and not here
A melded creature of two worlds
Flesh and breath, life and death
With an existence to win through
This wrestle worth the prize

written Nov. 14, 2014 while thinking of those who live only in my memory: Mindy, Aunt Cathy, Kandice, Katrina, Presten, Vickie, and Pops