It’s fall again. It really hit me this week when I stepped off the train to walk to my office and there was a chill in the air that left me thinking of my jackets back at home. The season of campfires and sweatshirts and pretty leaves. After having lived in the midwest for 9 1/2 years out my 30 years, I am loving fall more and more each one I experience. Counting it up, I realized just now that my years in the midwest have accumulated to rival my years in the desert. I lived in the desert from when I was 4 to when I was 13, and all but a year of it was even in the same house. The midwest doesn’t rival that, between two states and the college dorm and different houses with roommates and a few of my own addresses, yet the total years in this climate has definitely surpassed my childhood years of the total opposite weather.

I like fall. I feel even if (when!) I move somewhere else, if (when!) I ever return for a visit, I will try to make it happen in the fall! I’m just trying to be grateful for each day because it will pass all too quickly and be winter again in no time. Lesson’s learned today: I need rain boots!