I am highly amused that when I logged in and read my last post I realized… I still don’t have rain boots! Seriously, eight months later and I have not made that purchase. I will chalk it up to being picky and busy (because I know I have looked at rain boots!) but… I may have to ask myself some seriously questions about my priorities in a little while. 

Ahem. Hi everyone. 🙂 

It’s summer now, and I am loving the long days and I’m a little afraid the weather is turning humid and icky and I’ve missed the best window for enjoying Minnesota from outside my home. 

Some time ago, maybe in February, I took a three week media fast and I found it delightful. I really am just a person who has way to easy a time of slipping into addiction level consumption of tv shows, you tube, movies, Facebook, and just anything I can do on a screen basically. 

I had the idea just moments ago: what if I stopped all social media and came back to just this blog? I don’t really mean ALL, but we have many options to publish our lives and keep tabs on others lives (anyone else think they are all slowly becoming the same thing though?) and I am just feeling more disconnected than ever. 

Writing has always been a way for me to connect with myself first and foremost. And I miss it. And even if I don’t actually end up leaving Facebook and instagram and Snapchat, I do think this writing outlet will be good for me to invest in again. 

Here’s a picture I took today of one of the streets I get to walk down near work: 

I think it’s really pretty and I would move to one of these renovated apartments if it wouldn’t double my rent! I’ll appreciate the sight for now! 

I am very happy it is the weekend. I have no major plans, just work on some home projects. Have a lovely weekend yourself!