these three verbs help summarize the way I aim to live:

seek | truth. God. wisdom. knowledge. connection. identity. relationships. character.

act | with courage. with empathy. with focus. with preparation. with confidence.

wait | on timing. for response. in faith. with patience. through trust.

and who am i really?

christy | born in 86. female. 5′ 10″. can touch nose with tongue. presses the snooze button way too many times. loves to read. holds a masters degree in architecture. loves to cook, hates to wash dishes. loves traveling whether to places old or new.  follower of Jesus. doesn’t go crazy over sweets, but will devour just about anything deep-fried. listens to music of some sort daily. tho the younger has passed away, will always be an older sister at heart. can never own too many jeans or high heels. willing to do almost anything for her friends. deep thinker. independent. self-sufficient. observes the little details. creative. embraces the typical and chooses to enjoy everyday life. blogs because writing is enjoyable and perhaps something shared can impact a reader’s life for the better.

welcome to my niche in the internet! comments are always welcome! i’d also love to hear from you at: embracingthetypical@gmail.com

(just an fyi: my header picture is of me sitting on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Bodega Bay, CA Aug 2011)


1 thought on “about”

  1. I love it 🙂 I look forward to reading more here!! Love you!

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